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The BSWC was founded in 2005 to provide help, advice and support for women who are experiencing the trials and tribulations of being with a man who has a past. We hope you will find our site useful, or you may wish to join our private Forum, where we have over 300,000 posts from thousands of members on subjects ranging from being a step-mother, to difficult ex-wives, to financial and legal issues. The Forum is for second wives or partners only and we welcome women of all nationalities.

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Azn ^-^
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Censored! ****
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Cheesy :1D
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choconow :givemechoco
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Cry :'(
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:6drunk :6drunk
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Embarrassed :-[
england :2england
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Evil >:D
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Grin ;D
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pointseta :xmas3
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21rantrave :21rantrave
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14redh :14redh
glassredwine :glassredwine
reindeer xmas2
ring :1ring
Roll Eyes ::)
444roseh :444roseh
rotfl :rotfl
rofl444 :rofl444
hilltothehills :hills
sagittarius :1sagittarius
xmas hat :xmas1
santachimney :santachimney
santahat :santahat
scorpio :1scorpio
scotland :2scotland
selfcentred :2selfcentred
baasheep :baasheep
Shocked :o
shrug :2shrug
sigh :sigh
slingshot :slingshot
greenslug :greenslug
Smiley :)
smileyxtree :smileyxtree
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14snapout :14snapout
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ski :2ski
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isorry :isorry
4us0s :4us0s
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storkgirl :storkgirl
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21thanks :21thanks
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2tissue :2tissue
Tongue :P
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2toxic :2toxic
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ufo :ufo
tuxcat :tuxcat
typing :2typing
Undecided :-\
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vomit :vomit
wahoo :2wahoo
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14hugewel :14hugewel
44bigki55 :44bigki55
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whistle :2whistle
glasswhitewine :glasswhitewine
willy :2wibble
windy1 :windy1
happywinecheers :happywinecheers
winedrinker :2winedrinker
7wink :7wink
Wink ;)
wink :2wink
2winter :2winter
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witchy :witchy
wizard :wizard
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woooo :1woooo
woohoo :3woohoo
wordedthanks :33wordthanks
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2xmastree :2xmastree
4xmastree :4xmastree
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