Welcome to the British Second Wives Club

The BSWC was founded in 2005 to provide help, advice and support for women who are experiencing the trials and tribulations of being with a man who has a past. We hope you will find our site useful, or you may wish to join our private Forum, where we have over 300,000 posts from thousands of members on subjects ranging from being a step-mother, to difficult ex-wives, to financial and legal issues. The Forum is for second wives or partners only and we welcome women of all nationalities.

Terms and Conditions

The British Second Wives Club is for Second Wives, and therefore it is a Female Only Club.  Men are not allowed!  If you join The BSWC, your husband/partner may find many of the issues of great interest and you may post questions on his behalf or share information with him, if you so choose. But your BSWC Membership is yours alone.  Your husband/partner (or anyone else) must not post in the Forums or enter the Chat Room using your login details.  The security of your own computer and your own login details are your responsibility and if anyone other than you uses your login details to access The BSWC website, your Membership may be terminated immediately.

You agree to abide by the rules, found in the FAQs.  You also agree not to copy, store, print or to pass on any of the information about any of our Members or any material on The BSWC website to any third party.  Publication of any material found anywhere on The BSWC website is strictly forbidden, without prior written authorisation from The BSWC.  Any member of the Media who applies for Membership solely for research purposes will be declined ~ please visit our Media Area instead. Finally, please note that although the advice in the Forum is given in good faith, it is no substitute for professional or expert advice, and neither The BSWC nor any Member can be held responsible for any loss or adverse consequences.

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